Oregon Game Fish Records

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Sources: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Bass & Panfish Club

Bass, Hybrid White19 lbs, 12 oz2014Ana ReservoirChad Meadows
Bass, Largemouth12 lbs, 1.6 oz2002Ballenger PondB. Adam Hastings
Bass, Smallmouth8 lbs, 1.76 oz2005Henry Hagg LakeNick Rubeo
Bass, Striped68 lbs, 0 oz1973Umpqua RiverBeryl Bliss
Bluegill2 lbs, 5.5 oz1981Farm PondWayne Elmore
Catfish, Bullhead3 lbs, 7 oz2001Henry Hagg LakeBob Judkins
Catfish, Channel36 lbs, 8 oz1980McKay ReservoirBoone Haddock
Catfish, Flathead42 lbs, 0 oz1994Snake RiverJoshua Kralicek
Catfish, White15 lbs, 0 oz1989Tualatin RiverWayne Welch
Crappie, Black4 lbs, 0 oz1978Lost RiverBilly Biggs
Crappie, White4 lbs, 12 oz1967Gerber ReservoirJim Duckett
Perch, Sacramento0 lbs, 11.2 oz1998Lost RiverJonathan Cogley
Perch, Yellow2 lbs, 2 oz1971Brownsmead SloughErnie Affolter III
Salmon, Chinook83 lbs, 0 oz1910Umpqua RiverErnie St. Clair
Salmon, Chum23 lbs, 0 oz1990Kilchis RiverRoger Nelson
Salmon, Coho25 lbs, 5.25 oz1966Siltcoos LakeEd Martin
Salmon, Kokanee9 lbs, 10.72 oz2010Wallowa LakeRon Campbell
Shad6 lbs, 6 oz2004Willamette RiverLarry Arendt
Sunfish, Green0 lbs, 11 oz1991Umpqua RiverJohn Baker
Sunfish, Pumpkinseed0 lbs, 7.68 oz1996Oswego LakeLinda Mar
Sunfish, Redear1 lb, 15.5 oz1992Reynolds PondTerence Bice
Trout, Brook9 lbs, 6 oz1980Deschutes RiverBurt Westbrook
Trout, Brown28 lbs, 5 oz2002Paulina LakeRonald Lane
Trout, Bull23 lbs, 2 oz1989Lake Billy ChinookDon Yow
Trout, Cutthroat9 lbs, 8 oz1986Malheur RiverPhillip Grove
Trout, Golden7 lbs, 10 oz1987Eagle Cap WildernessDouglas White
Trout, Lake40 lbs, 8 oz1984Odell LakeH.V. Hannon
Trout, Rainbow28 lbs, 0 oz1982Rogue RiverMick McGonagle
Trout, Steelhead35 lbs, 8 oz1970Columbia RiverBerdell Todd
Walleye19 lbs, 15.3 oz1990Columbia RiverArnold Berg
Warmouth1 lb, 14.2 oz1975Columbia SloughJess Newell
Whitefish5 lbs, 12 oz2021Deschutes RiverAlex Dietz
Source: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife


  • ODFW manages record catch data for coldwater fish such as salmon and trout. OB&PC keeps records for warmwater fish. Check their Web sites for record forms and more information.
  • Follow submission guidelines on the forms, but it’s best to know ahead of time that you must catch the fish by legal sport-fishing methods and that you will need to have a photo of the fish with a recognizable side view, weigh your catch as soon as possible (fish lose body weight after landing) on state-certified scales and have signatures of two witnesses, including the person weighing the fish. The record form must be submitted to the appropriate organization within 30 days of the catch.
  • Oregon does not keep state record information for sturgeon because the maximum size limit is 60 inches.