Oregon Game Fish Records

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Updated: July 2024

The following game fish records have been certified by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The state agency tracks coldwater species and depends on the Oregon Bass & Panfish Club to keep tabs on warmwater records.

Bass, Hybrid White19 lbs, 12 oz2014Ana ReservoirChad Meadows
Bass, Largemouth12 lbs, 1.6 oz2002Ballenger PondB. Adam Hastings
Bass, Smallmouth8 lbs, 1.76 oz2005Henry Hagg LakeNick Rubeo
Bass, Striped68 lbs, 0 oz1973Umpqua RiverBeryl Bliss
Bluegill2 lbs, 5.5 oz1981Farm PondWayne Elmore
Catfish, Bullhead3 lbs, 7 oz2001Henry Hagg LakeBob Judkins
Catfish, Channel36 lbs, 8 oz1980McKay ReservoirBoone Haddock
Catfish, Flathead42 lbs, 0 oz1994Snake RiverJoshua Kralicek
Catfish, White15 lbs, 0 oz1989Tualatin RiverWayne Welch
Crappie, Black4 lbs, 0 oz1978Lost RiverBilly Biggs
Crappie, White4 lbs, 12 oz1967Gerber ReservoirJim Duckett
Perch, Sacramento0 lbs, 11.2 oz1998Lost RiverJonathan Cogley
Perch, Yellow2 lbs, 2 oz1971Brownsmead SloughErnie Affolter III
Salmon, Chinook83 lbs, 0 oz1910Umpqua RiverErnie St. Clair
Salmon, Chum23 lbs, 0 oz1990Kilchis RiverRoger Nelson
Salmon, Coho25 lbs, 5.25 oz1966Siltcoos LakeEd Martin
Salmon, Kokanee9 lbs, 10.72 oz2010Wallowa LakeRon Campbell
Shad6 lbs, 6 oz2004Willamette RiverLarry Arendt
Sunfish, Green0 lbs, 11 oz1991Umpqua RiverJohn Baker
Sunfish, Pumpkinseed0 lbs, 7.68 oz1996Oswego LakeLinda Mar
Sunfish, Redear1 lb, 15.5 oz1992Reynolds PondTerence Bice
Trout, Brook9 lbs, 6 oz1980Deschutes RiverBurt Westbrook
Trout, Brown28 lbs, 5 oz2002Paulina LakeRonald Lane
Trout, Bull23 lbs, 2 oz1989Lake Billy ChinookDon Yow
Trout, Cutthroat9 lbs, 8 oz1986Malheur RiverPhillip Grove
Trout, Golden7 lbs, 10 oz1987Eagle Cap WildernessDouglas White
Trout, Lake40 lbs, 8 oz1984Odell LakeH.V. Hannon
Trout, Rainbow28 lbs, 0 oz1982Rogue RiverMick McGonagle
Trout, Steelhead35 lbs, 8 oz1970Columbia RiverBerdell Todd
Walleye19 lbs, 15.3 oz1990Columbia RiverArnold Berg
Warmouth1 lb, 14.2 oz1975Columbia SloughJess Newell
Whitefish (Mountain)*5 lbs, 12 oz2021Deschutes RiverAlex Dietz
Source: Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife


  • ODFW manages record catch data for coldwater fish such as salmon and trout. Oregon Bass & Panfish Club keeps records for warmwater fish. Check their Web sites for record forms and more information.
  • Follow submission guidelines on the forms, but it’s best to know ahead of time that you must catch the fish by legal sport-fishing methods and that you will need to have a photo of the fish with a recognizable side view, weigh your catch as soon as possible (fish lose body weight after landing) on state-certified scales and have signatures of two witnesses, including the person weighing the fish. The record form must be submitted to the appropriate organization within 30 days of the catch.
  • Oregon does not keep state record information for sturgeon because the maximum size limit is 60 inches.

*This is a world record.