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Best Fishing in America

Fishing Near Mount Vernon and Anacortes in Skagit County

Skagit County in northwestern Washington is home to several excellent fishing lakes, as well as some important rivers and a variety of saltwater fish and shellfish.

Fishing at Flowing Lake

Flowing Lake offers excellent trout, bass and panfish fishing a short drive from Everett. This article will help you plan your trip to catch more fish.

Fishing at Storm Lake

Storm Lake is heavily stocked with rainbow trout for the spring opener and pretty good for largemouth bass. The lake is a short drive from Everett and Snohomish.

Fishing Near Everett and Snohomish County

Snohomish County just north of Seattle has an enormous number of fishing lakes filled with trout, bass and kokanee, a couple excellent salmon and steelhead rivers and more. We point you to the best fishing spots near you.

Fishing at Lake Ki

Lake Ki near Arlington and Marysville offers great spring trout fishing and fine summer angling for largemouth bass and yellow perch. This article will help you catch more fish.