An anglers fingers hold a crappie by the mouth before release into a lake in the background.

14 Best Crappie Fishing Lakes in Alabama

Alabama has more crappie than you can shake a cane pole at. But when it comes to catching lots of truly fat slabs, we’ll show you the very best crappie fishing lakes across the state.

A largemouth bass underwater next to some large submerged branches.

20 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in Alabama

Alabama is full of big reservoirs loaded with huge bass. We show you not only where and how to fish the big-name lakes but also some lesser-known bass fishing hotspots.

The orange light of sunset basks a fishing pier on the Alabama Gulf Coast, where redfish fishing is excellent.

16 Best Places to Catch Redfish in Alabama

Alabama packs a ton of incredible redfish fishing into its short coastline. We tell you about the best places to catch the powerful gamefish from beaches, piers, bays and bayous.

13 Best Flounder Fishing Spots in Alabama

Alabama’s coastline is short but loaded with excellent flounder fishing in its many bays and bayous. We’ll help you narrow down your choices for catching these tasty flatfish.