Sun peeking over the horizon beyond the surface of a small frozen lake ready for ice fishing.

9 Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Indiana

Indiana, especially in the northern part of the state, has the right combination of productive lakes and cold winters to produce excellent ice fishing. Here are the top spots.

A yellow perch held by the lips by an angler's hand, with a dock and fishing lake in the background.

6 Best Yellow Perch Fishing Lakes in Indiana

We’re about to show you a half dozen Indiana lakes that have outstanding yellow perch fishing. These panfish are one of the most popular (and tastiest) catches in the Midwest.

Crappie fish on top of water with an orange fishing jig in its mouth.

9 Best Crappie Fishing Lakes in Indiana

Crappie are even more fun to catch than to eat, which says a lot because they are delicious. We show you the best crappie fishing lakes in Indiana and tips to catch these scrappy panfish.