Fishing at Davis Lake

Davis Lake is a large natural lake in Central Oregon that historically has been one of the state’s best fly fishing lakes for rainbow trout. These days non-native

Fishing at Crane Prairie Reservoir

Crane Prairie Reservoir is one of West’s finest lakes to fish for rainbow trout, which are plentiful and grow to trophy sizes. Fly fishers and conventional anglers alike flock from all over to the large Central Oregon reservoir, which also has good fishing for brook trout and largemouth bass, among other game fish.

Fall River Fishing

Fall River just south of Bend is an excellent spring creek with very good trout fishing in spring and summer when it is stocked, plus the opportunity to catch wild rainbow, brown and brook trout all year.

Fishing at Devils Lake in Central Oregon

Devils Lake near Bend offers good seasonal fishing for stocked rainbow trout and resident brook trout.