150,000 Trout Stocked in 68 Spots for Oregon Free Fishing Weekend

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We’ve compiled a simplified list of locations that will be freshly stocked with legal or larger hatchery rainbow trout just ahead of Oregon’s Free Fishing Weekend.

The state’s next free fishing days are coming right up on June 1 and 2.

You don’t need a license or tags but must follow other regulations, including catch limits and tackle restrictions.

Below, I have simplified the stocking schedules available from our source, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Our version is already divided by each of the state’s zones that have stocked waters and only includes planting that will occur the week immediately ahead of Free Fishing Weekend.

Most of the trout to be stocked will be legal-sized keepers, but several of the locations are planted with some or even all larger trophy-sized rainbow trout.

Additionally, in the zones located in Western and Central Oregon, I’ve linked the top locations to additional articles on our website with detailed information that will help you get the most out of fishing at those specific spots.

Finally, our website has additional information about Oregon’s Free Fishing Weekends in this detailed guide. That more comprehensive article includes trout stocking but also tells you about many other fishing and shellfishing opportunities during the first weekend of June, including a host of special events.

You also will learn about the four other free-fishing days in Oregon that occur elsewhere on the calendar.

Trout Stocking for Free Fishing Weekend

The following lakes, reservoirs, ponds, creeks, and rivers will be stocked during the week of May 27-31, just ahead of the next free fishing days, which are June 1 and 2.

Big Creek Reservoir-11,500**
Big Creek Reservoir-21,500**
Cape Meares Lake3,500
Coffenbury Lake4,500
Hebo Lake1,250
Lost Lake (Coast Range)1,500
Nedonna Pond500
Olalla Creek Reservoir6,164*
Thissel Pond2,966*
Town Lake1,250
Empire Lake, Upper1,000**
Expo Pond 1 (Rogue Pond)1,000
Fish Lake3,500
Hyatt Reservoir7,450
Laird Lake350
Lemolo Reservoir5,000
Medco Pond2,000
Rogue River above Lost Creek2,500
Selmac Lake1,000
Tenmile Lake, North3,000
Tenmile Lake, South3,000
Alton Baker Canal1,000
Blue River600
Blue River Reservoir1,200
Breitenbush River2,000
Clear Lake (Upper Mckenzie)3,000
Detroit Lake8,000**
E.E. Wilson Pond850
Estacada Lake1,000
Fall Creek (Willamette River)1,200
Green Peter Reservoir2,800
Harriet Lake2,000
Hartman Pond (Wahkeena Lake)1,250
Henry Hagg Lake4,026
Huddleston Pond957*
Junction City Pond1,000
Leaburg Lake1,400
McKenzie River above Leaburg Dam1,000
North Fork Reservoir4,000
Salish Pond, West1,000
Salmon Creek1,334
Sheridan Pond332
Small Fry Lake200
St. Louis Pond2,466
Sunnyside Park Pond1,140*
Timber Linn Lake1,000
Walling Pond800
Walter Wirth Lake900
Clear Lake (Mt. Hood)3,240*
Lost Lake (Mt. Hood)2,825*
Metolius Pond300
Olallie Lake9,335
Twin Lake, North2,500
Twin Lake, South2,500
Aldrich Ponds650
Hat Rock Pond500
McHaley Pond1,000
Morgan Lake1,750
McNary Channel Ponds2,100
Twin Ponds850
Burns Gravel Pond5,850*
Heart Lake200**
Holbrook Reservoir300**
Krumbo Reservoir13,000
Lake of the Woods1,370*
Lofton Reservoir300**
Summit Prairie Pond200
Vee Lake400
Source: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Stocking totals marked with * include both legal and trophy-sized trout (and possibly some brood trout). Stocking totals marked with ** include all trophy-sized trout. The remaining locations are stocked entirely with legal-sized trout.

We also wrote an article about the top 10 most-stocked waters in Oregon before Memorial Day. Many of those trout will still be biting by Free Fishing Weekend.

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