Hyatt Lake Fishing

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Hyatt Lake offers excellent rainbow trout and good largemouth bass fishing an easy drive from Ashland and Medford in Southern Oregon.

The 950-acre reservoir also has a variety of panfish such as crappie, bluegill and brown bullhead catfish.

Trout are the biggest draw here, and fishing for them can be done all year but definitely is best when the lake is planted during the spring. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has been stocking in the neighborhood of 15,000 trout here during the months of April and May.

The usual trout fishing methods will get the job done, with bank anglers often opting for still-fishing with bait while boaters can do very well trolling lures and sometimes bait.

Bass fishing here has been up and down. Some years back, the lake was absolutely loaded with largemouth, but their extreme overabundance resulted in many stunted bass and calls for anglers to keep as many as they could. These days biologists still hope anglers will keep bass roughly a foot or less while letting those big fish go to help balance the population.

Overall, the access is good for both boat and bank anglers during the best fishing in spring and early summer.

Boat ramps are available both at Hyatt Lake Resort and at BLM’s Hyatt Lake Recreation Area campground. Know that there is a 10 mph speed limit for boats on Hyatt, which helps make it a peaceful place for anglers.

The resort has a restaurant and rental cabins while campers typically need advanced reservations at the BLM site.

Hyatt can have some pretty dramatic low-water levels during the late season and not quite recover during prolonged drought periods, which can put a damper on the fishing.

Access also can be limited by snow and ice during the winter, so check conditions before venturing out. Don’t go out on the ice unless you are certain conditions are safe.

Hyatt is only about 23 miles from Ashland and also an easy drive from Medford. It is located between Highway 66 on the south and Dead Indian Memorial Road on the north. Follow the signs to Hyatt Lake. It’s also just a few miles from the larger Howard Prairie Lake, another reservoir with excellent fishing.

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