Fishing at Redmond Fireman’s Pond (2024 Stocking)

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Fireman’s Pond in Redmond offers easy fishing for kids in this Central Oregon city just north of Bend.

The pond is most popularly fished when the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks it with hatchery-raised rainbow trout, which is most likely in the spring, possibly in May.

Use the links below to see the current stocking schedule and the weekly recreation report for updates.

The pond is only about one acre in size and also has been known by an older name, Lions Lake.

It offers excellent bank access all around its perimeter.

There are several jetty-like structures that jut into the lake to allow better casting into deeper water. The largest of these, near the handicapped parking spaces, is wheelchair accessible, as are some of the pathways.

Most anglers here do well fishing for trout with bait, such as PowerBait, nightcrawlers, salmon eggs and the like. Casting lures or flies also catches trout.

See our article, Trout Fishing: Basic How-To Techniques and Tips, if you’d like to brush up on your skills.

ODFW reports that the lake also is a year-round home to a variety of warmwater fish species, including plentiful sunfish as well as some largemouth bass, crappie and bullhead catfish.

These warmwater species would be a good bet for action after the trout-fishing tapers off by late spring or early summer. Warmwater fish strike lures and bite natural baits that match their favorite foods.

Fishing for these types of bass and panfish is very good in several larger reservoirs in the area, most notably Prineville Reservoir.

Redmond Fireman’s Park is in a Redmond city park of the same name. Park amenities include picnic tables and restrooms.

The park’s website page notes that the pond is intended for fishing for anglers under age 14.

The pond is located on the southeast side of town, roughly between downtown and the airport. It’s only a half mile and four or five minutes driving from Highway 97 in Redmond, or about a half hour if you’re driving to Redmond from Bend.

In Redmond, take Veterans Way (near Walgreens) eastward a few blocks and then turn left on Lake Road. Head north and turn into the park across the street from the BottleDrop.

Or from the north side, you can take Evergreen Avenue to the east and then turn south on Lake Road to reach the park entrance.

2024 Redmond Fireman’s Pond Trout Stocking

Stocking WeekTotal
May 13 – 17200
Stocked fish are legal-sized rainbow trout unless otherwise noted. Stocking schedules are subject to change for a variety of reasons. The ODFW Weekly Fishing Report linked under Oregon Resources below may provide updated information.

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