Fishing at Mt. Hood Pond in Gresham (2023 Stocking)

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This pond of about 5 acres, located on the main campus of Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, is heavily fished whenever the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife dumps in a fresh load of hatchery rainbow trout.

Trout Fishing

Trout stocking typically occurs here a couple times in the early season, starting in mid- or late winter and going into mid-spring.

More trout are fairly likely to be planted once or twice in the fall (around September and October).

See the stocking schedule below for this year’s plan, but note that mid-season changes can occur.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife tends to stock higher numbers of fish during the early season, but it often adds a modest number of larger “trophy” rainbows with the fall plants.

Youth Fishing Only

Note that this is one of just a handful of waters in Oregon that have a youth-only rule.

At Mt. Hood Pond, that rule is seasonal.

For the entire months of April through August, the pond is only open to anglers ages 17 or younger or for anglers of all ages with a disability and special fishing permit issued by the state of Oregon.

This makes it a good place to take kids fishing near Portland, particularly when it’s stocked in the spring.

As you can see from our schedule below, trout are typically planted both within and outside that restricted time frame, so watch the state’s stocking schedule to choose a time that’s right for your group.

Because the pond is small, has easy access, and is one of the earliest waters to get fresh batches of trout, it can be too crowded for anglers who prefer solitude with their fishing.

Young or disabled anglers may find less crowded conditions after April 1.

When to Go

Like any small stocked pond, trout fishing here is far better soon after the truck visits and can be fairly slow even a few weeks afterward because fish are quickly caught.

The best plan is to watch the trout-stocking schedule or ODFW’s weekly recreation report to get a jump on these fish. (See schedule and links below.)

How to Catch Trout

Typical tactics for catching hatchery-reared trout are going to work here.

Fishing with bait is the simplest and often the most effective way to catch trout, especially for newer anglers. Grab a couple of types of Berkley PowerBait and/or a carton of nightcrawlers and some simple tackle, and you’re in business.

Other fun ways to catch trout include casting and retrieving spinners and spoons. 

To learn more about the most effective ways to catch rainbows at Mt. Hood Pond and elsewhere, read our guide, Trout Fishing: Basic How-To Techniques and Tips.

While the trout are the main show, that fishery will be a done deal during the dog days of summer, when water quality here may suffer.

Panfish and Catfish Fishing

The pond does have a modest, self-sustaining population of warmwater fish, primarily bluegill and crappie that are available year-round but tend to bite better after the water begins to warm in the spring and summer.

Bullhead catfish may also be in your catch.

Where is Mt. Hood Pond?

To get to the pond, take the Wood Village or Troutdale exits off Interstate 84 and head uphill to Southeast Stark Street and turn into Mt. Hood Community College.

From Gresham or Southeast Portland, you can also just head east on Stark.

The campus is at the corner of Stark and Kane Drive (257th from Troutdale).

Enter campus from Kane and work your way south of the main academic buildings. The pond is located between the main campus area and the athletic facilities.

At this writing, parking is free with no permit required. Parking spots are fairly easy to secure except during popular weekday class times. Take the paths down to the pond just below the parking area.

More Fishing Spots

Learn about other area waters stocked with trout and have youth-only fishing regulations: Small Fry Lake Fishing and Canby Pond Fishing.

To learn about other very close waters in neighboring Fairview that also can be seasonally stocked with trout (and open to all ages), read Blue Lake Fishing and Salish Ponds Fishing.

2023 Mt. Hood Pond Trout Stocking

2023 StockingTotal
Feb. 13 – 17666
Mar. 6 – 10666
Apr. 3 – 7666
May 1 – 5666
May 8 – 12316*
Sep. 11 – 18316*
Sep. 25 – 29316*
Oct. 9 – 13316*
*These stocking dates include 50 trophy-sized rainbows
**This stocking date includes 250 trophy-sized rainbows
Stocked fish are legal-sized rainbow trout unless otherwise noted. Stocking schedules are subject to change for a variety of reasons. The ODFW Weekly Fishing Report linked under Oregon Resources below may provide updated information.

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