We Want Your Fishing Photos and Reports

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Email photos, reports and inquiries to me (Eric) at BestFishingInAmerica.com

As a special (and perhaps temporary) offer, we’re emailing $5 electronic gift cards from Amazon or Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops for the use of your really great photos (without links to other websites). Interested in a different retailer that offers similar e-gift cards? Let us know.

As we expand into new areas, we’ve found we just can’t fish every water on our website anymore.

That’s where you might come in!

We are looking for good-quality fishing photos and useful information for the waters we currently cover or will soon add to this website.

Our current needs are primarily in Oregon, but we’re starting to look for Washington and perhaps some Idaho and California photos and information as well.

For Oregon especially, check out the waters we’ve already covered at BestFishingInAmerica.com. Use the site’s search function to get to the right lake or river quickly.

Depending on the article, we like to have at least one photo, and sometimes multiple shots, and we might want new information for existing or future article topics.

Can we use your fishing photos?

Do you have a business that naturally caters to sport fishing enthusiasts? Are you a fishing guide? Make tackle? Sell boats? Operate a resort or motel?

We’re happy to give you a marketing boost with a free link to your business website in the photo credit in exchange for use of your images.

Are you just an awesome (or awesomely average) angler with a nice pic or two to share but no use for a link? We want those two, and you’ll get a photo credit to your name.

We’re more likely to think your photos are really great if you share some useful fishing tips for that location, like what lures or bait or flies work well, what types of water holds fish there, when is the peak season?

Please email to them with a description in the subject line, such as “Detroit Lake rainbow trout” or “Moses Lake walleye.”

How will we use your photos?

We accept photos with the condition that they can be used anywhere on our Best Fishing in America website, perhaps on more than one page if they’re just that awesome.

They might even be used as a still image in a video.

And there’s a chance we will share the photos on social media or on other websites. This being the internet, others may to share them as well, and we can’t necessarily control what others do.

If we ourselves share your photos directly (possibly as a part of a larger article or content), we’ll do so tactfully and make every effort to ensure the other site is respectable.

For example, we would be more inclined to share our site content (possibly including your contributions) via a well-know social media or online platform or forum, or directly to a website operated by a reputable media organization, a tourism-related non-profit, or similar organization.

Do you have information you’d like to share?

We’re always on the lookout for good information from anglers (pros and average Joes alike) with experience in specific locations.

Again, if you have a fishing-related business, we can help your marketing efforts by creating a link to your website from an attribution within the text of an article, similar to what we do in a photo credit.

If you don’t have a need for a website link, we still hope you’ll share. Drop us a line and let us know what you can offer.

As with photos, please put a brief description of fishing information content in the subject line of your email, such as “Brownlee Reservoir catfish” or “Skagit River steelhead.”

Email photos, reports and inquiries to me (Eric) at BestFishingInAmerica.com

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