Fishing at Devils Lake in Central Oregon

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Devils Lake definitely isn’t among Central Oregon’s most renowned fishing spots, but it’s a quick stop for some easy trout fishing just a half hour outside of Bend.

This Devils Lake is located on a big bend in the famous Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway, which connects some of the area’s best fishing holes to popular vacation spots around Bend and Sunriver.

If you actually are looking for the better-known Devil’s Lake in Lincoln City, on the Oregon Coast, click over to this article.

This high desert country Devils Lake is only about 23 acres in size and quite shallow overall, with a stunning turquoise color that stands out on aerial maps and in person. It’s located just south of South Sister in the Deschutes National Forest.

Anglers here often catch rainbow trout, which the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks several times from late spring into summer, and they readily bite on bait, lures and flies. Check the stocking schedule linked below for each year’s hatchery trout-planting plan.

The lake also is home to a decent population of Eastern brook trout, a non-native species that naturally reproduces in these cold, high-mountain waters.

The best fishing here will be from May into July, when the lake is stocked and the fish are hungry in the cool water. Fishing may slow a little in the heat of mid- to late summer but should pick up again in the early fall. Often, brook trout are easiest to catch in the fall, when they tend to hug the shorelines, especially near inlet streams.

Speaking of inlet streams, the creeks around Devils Lake are thematically named, such as Satan Creek and Hell Creek.

The fishing at Devils Lake is often best on the eastern end of the lake, where a natural lava flow blocked a stream to form the lake. Still, it’s only about 10 feet deep over there.

You aren’t allowed to use motors but float tubes and small human-powered craft can give you an advantage catching fish.

There is good access for day use here but no camping right on this lake. The Deschutes National Forest offers tons of camping options in the area, though.

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