233,255 Trout Stocked Near Buffalo and Western New York

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Nearly a quarter million trout will be stocked into the lakes and streams near Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and across a six-county area of Western New York this spring.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation plants brown and rainbow trout in publicly accessible waterways throughout its Region 9.

Trout stocking has just begun in the region and will continue in some waterways into April or early May.

These hatchery-reared trout include large numbers of both species. Most of those expected to be caught during the season are 9-10 inches, although many areas will also be planted with smaller numbers of hefty brown trout measuring 12 to 15 inches.

Allegany and Cattaraugus counties are the most heavily stocked counties in Western New York, but all six counties have opportunities to catch keeper-sized spring trout.

In addition to ready-to-catch fish, the DEC region’s trout toal also includes tens of thousands of 8-inch browns into Lake Ontario and the Lower Niagara River. These smaller trout have a shot at growing into true lunkers in these larger bodies of water.

Most inland New York streams will open for harvesting trout on April 1, and many lakes are open all year. It’s always wise to check for special regulations wherever you plan to fish.

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Here’s a quick county-by-county look at some of the prime trout fishing spots across Western New York this spring.

Allegany County

Total Trout Stocked: 46,170

The Genesee River is stocked with the majority of Allegany County’s hatchery trout, 27,480 of which will be distributed from the second half of March through early May. Most of those brown and rainbow trout are bound for the section around Amity, with a smaller number to be stocked in the Wellsville area.

Also, this spring, Allen Lake will be stocked with 6,540 trout and Rushford Lake with 5,630 trout.

Cattaraugus County

Total Trout Stocked: 52,780

Ischua Creek near Franklinville 7,590 fourth week of March. Elton Creek near Freedom will be stocked with 3,910 trout in the third week of March.

Also this spring, look for Case Lake near Franklinville to be stocked with 4,160 trout, Harwood Lake with 5,190 trout, New Albion Lake with 5,810, and Quaker Lake with 8,650.

Chautauqua County

Total Trout Stocked: 4,210

The majority of Chautauqua County’s trout will be stocked in Goose Creek in the Harmony and North Harmony areas from late March to early May.

Erie County

Total Trout Stocked: 14,700

Eighteenmile Creek near Evans and Cattaraugus Creek near Sardinia are the most heavily stocked waters.

Niagara County

Total Trout Stocked: 85,790

The vast majority of Niagara County’s stocked trout will be 8-inch brown trout released into Lake Ontario or the Lower Niagara River.

If you’re looking for more manageable bodies of water, Hyde Park Lake will get a couple thousand fresh trout in April.

Wyoming County

Total Trout Stocked: 29,605

Cattaraugus Creek in the Java area will be stocked with over 9,000 brown trout, and East Koy Creek near Gainesville will be stocked with more than 12,000.

More Information

Check out the DEC’s full Spring 2024 Trout Stocking Summary.