Delaware River Fishing: Complete Angler’s Guide

The Delaware River is a big river with big fishing opportunity. Whether fishing for trout in the upper river or stripers, shad, bass and more downriver, we have you covered.

Susquehanna River Fishing: Complete Angler’s Guide

The Susquehanna River is renowned for smallmouth bass fishing and has great angling for catfish, walleye, muskies and stripers. We show you where, when and how to catch them.

Seneca Lake Fishing: Complete Angler’s Guide

The largest of the Finger Lakes, Seneca Lake offers a variety of great fishing, from lake and rainbow trout and Atlantic salmon to bass, pike and perch. We share the info you need.

Finger Lakes Fishing: 2023 Essential Angler’s Guide

New York’s Finger Lakes offer some of the best and most varied fishing action found anywhere. This complete guide covers all 11 lakes so you’ll have success fishing each one.