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Tanwax Lake Fishing

Tanwax Lake in southern Pierce County is a safe bet if you’re looking for limits of feisty rainbow trout in the spring. When the water warms, you can catch bass and panfish.

Nahwatzel Lake Fishing

You can catch bigger-than-average trout at Nahwatzel Lake west of Shelton all year, and it’s especially good in spring and fall. Bass fishing is a fair option here as well.

Spencer Lake Fishing

Spencer Lake in Mason County is heavily stocked and has excellent trout fishing, especially in the spring. Bass and yellow perch fishing also can be great during warmer months.

Steilacoom Lake Fishing

Steilacoom Lake in suburban Lakewood is very nicely stocked with rainbow trout for springtime fishing. It also has pretty good fishing for smallmouth, largemouth and rock bass.

Fishing at Silver Lake in Pierce County

Silver Lake in Pierce County is a modest-sized lake with large numbers of stocked rainbow trout in the spring and good fishing for bass and panfish.