Fishing at Dorman Pond Near Gales Creek (2023 Stocking)

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This 8-acre pond sits right at the intersection of two highways, with most cars and trucks whizzing past on their way to fish the Wilson River or continue on to Tillamook.

But at times this pond can be worth a stop to wet a line for seasonal trout and warm weather bass and panfish angling.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks Dorman Pond with hatchery rainbow trout several times each spring, and fishing is excellent here.

Bank access is easy right off a parking area on the shoulder of the Wilson River Highway (Highway 6) where it joins with Highway 8.

The pond is on the south side of the roadways, while Gales Creek flows along the north side.

Trout Fishing

Trout stocking typically occurs several times each spring at Dorman Pond.

Fishing is red hot right after plantings, but the numbers of fish tend to thin out fairly soon, so timing your trip by the trout-stocking schedule linked below is a good idea.

Soaking bait or casting lures and flies will get the job done. (More detail: Trout Fishing: Basic How-To Techniques and Tips.)

The trout fishing peters out here pretty quickly with the onset of hot weather in late spring and summer.

Most trout are caught by anglers, but the shallow waters also simply get too warm for trout to survive very far into the summer months.

Bass and Panfish

Dorman Pond also is home to year-round populations of warmwater fish.

There are lots of bluegill and bullhead catfish to be had, and at times the fishing for largemouth bass and crappie can be decent.

These species of fish are more active when the water warms, starting in spring and continuing through summer and early fall.

Bass fishing techniques often include using larger lures that imitate a variety of prey, including soft plastics that mimic fish, worms, crayfish, and other forage.

Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and other popular bass lures should get the job done if you can locate the bass.

Surface lures and weedless presentations should be an option in the hotter weather, especially in low-light conditions early and late in the day.

Crappie often strike jigs, which can be fished suspended under and bobber and given a little movement to imitate twitching minnows.

Add a little bait to the jig hook to make it more appealing to crappie and also to bluegill.

Bluegill like worms, crickets and other insect baits and also strike flies and tiny spinners.

Bluegill are often very close to shore. A bobber works well for this type of fishing and makes it fun for kids to see the float bounce and sink when there’s a bite.

Bass, crappie and bluegill all tend to like to stage near structure such as weeds, woody debris and other hiding places.

Like most catfish, bullheads are easily caught on worms, pieces of fish or shrimp, or prepared dough baits, all fished on or near the bottom.

Location and Access

Due to the highway noise, this isn’t the spot to go if you want to get away from it all.

But it’s a productive fishery within easy reach of home or for a quick stop coming or going to the coast.

To reach Dorman Pond from the Portland area, take Highway 26 west to the junction of Highway 6 (Wilson River Highway) near Banks.

From Banks, it’s only about 10 minutes to the west toward Tillamook.

From Forest Grove, it’s only about 15 minutes to the pond by taking Highway 8 to the northwest through the community of Gales Creek.

2023 Dorman Pond Trout Stocking

2023 StockingTotal
March 13 – 171,000
April 10 – 141,000
May 1 – 51,332
Stocked fish are legal-sized rainbow trout unless otherwise noted. Stocking schedules are subject to change for a variety of reasons. The ODFW Weekly Fishing Report linked under Oregon Resources below may provide updated information.

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