70+ Oregon Lakes Stocked for Spring Break (Where to Fish)

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The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife plans to stock over 150,000 trout in lakes and ponds across the state before and during the upcoming Spring Break for students.

Most Oregon students start their Spring Break starts this weekend and will be out of school through the last day of March.

ODFW stocked the waters of Western Oregon most heavily, both because these areas have the most people and west-side waters warm up earlier in the year. These areas include the interior valleys in the I-5 corridor and along the Oregon Coast.

Central and Eastern Oregon will see some local ponds and lakes stocked with trout, but many more catchable trout will be heading to waters on that side of the Cascades later in the spring and summer.

Using ODFW’s stocking schedules, I’ve created tables with each zone’s waters scheduled for stocking both this week and next week to help you choose a spot where you are most like to catch trout over the break. Bear in mind that ODFW occasionally changes its plans due to a variety of reasons.

Before you go find your fish in the zone tables below, a great resource on this website is the interactive county map on our Best Fishing in Oregon page. Simply click the county where you want to fish and you’ll jump to an article about the best fishing spots there.

Those county articles often include links to detailed articles about some of the best fishing spots. And where available, those location articles will include a trout-stocking schedule tailored just for that spot.

Another resource you might find handy right about now is our calendar pages that detail some of the best fishing by month across Oregon. Try our March and April calendars for upcoming fishing trips.

Our website includes information about catching many types of fish. So if you’d rather try to catch a bass, panfish, or even a salmon or steelhead, we have you covered. Use the search function at the top of this page to explore more.

Now it’s time to find some trout…

Northwest Zone

This zone includes the northern and central coast and the west slope of the Coast Range from Astoria to Florence. Popular spring break destinations, including Seaside, Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, and Newport, are in this zone.

Week of March 18-22

Vernonia Lake2,500
South Lake1,800
Tahoe Lake500
Hebo Lake2,500
Lytle Lake4,000
Olalla Creek Reservoir3,198*
Cullaby Lake1,000
Nedonna Pond350
Loren’s Pond1,500
Town Lake2,850
Cape Meares Lake4,000
Coffenbury Lake2,200
Sunset Lake1,500
Spring Lake1,000
*This stocking includes trophy-sized trout.

Week of March 25-29

Devil’s Lake3,500

Southwest Zone

This zone includes both inland areas such as Roseburg and Medford as well as southwestern coastline cities from Reedsport to Brookings. Coos Bay and Bandon are other communities within this zone.

Week of March 18-22

Garrison Lake200*
Bradley Lake200*
Selmac Lake5,000
Lost Creek Reservoir20,000
Empire Lake, Upper400*
Cooper Creek Reservoir4,500
Emigrant Reservoir1,000
Powers Pond3,150*
Lake Marie2,500
Galesville Reservoir3,000
Empire Lake, Lower400*
Reinhart Park Pond300
Willow Lake4,000
Johnson’s Mill Pond50*
Loon Lake4,500
Plat I Reservoir1,500
*These stockings are trophy-sized trout.

Week of March 25-29

Eel Lake2,500
Saunders Lake3,000

Willamette Zone

This area includes the entire Willamette River drainage in and around major cities like Portland, Salem and Eugene.

Week of March 18-22

Junction City Pond1,700
Alton Baker Canal1,000
Turner Lake2,500
Roaring River Park Pond125
Timber Linn Lake1,040*
Henry Hagg Lake3,016
Fall Creek Reservoir3,750
St Louis Pond2,000**
Row River Nature Park
(Cottage Grove Pond)
Waverly Lake1,000
Walter Wirth Lake1,944
EE Wilson Pond1,300
Henry Hagg Lake1,000**
*This stocking includes 40 trophy-sized trout.

*This stocking includes 1,000 trophy-sized trout.

Week of March 25-29

Walter Wirth Lake2,000
Foster Reservoir3,300
Row River Nature Park
(Cottage Grove Pond)
Sunnyside Park Pond1,040*
Timber Linn Lake1,344
EE Wilson Pond1,300
Dexter Reservoir3,000**
Junction City Pond2,100
Canby Pond981*
Sheridan Pond340
Dorena Reservoir5,500**
*These stockings include some trophy-sized trout.

**These stockings are entirely trophy-sized trout.

Central Zone

This area includes the areas around Bend, Redmond and The Dalles.

Week of March 18-22

Shevlin Pond666
Taylor Lake1,235
Bikini Pond510
Pine Hollow Reservoir2,740*
Rock Creek Reservoir3,115*
These stockings include modest numbers of trophy-sized and brood trout.

Week of March 25-29

Pine Nursery Pond875*
Prineville Fishing Pond325
This stocking includes some trophy-sized trout.

Northeast Zone

This zone includes areas around Pendleton, La Grande, John Day and Joseph.

Week of March 18-22

Tatone Pond500
McNary Channel Ponds4,000
Hat Rock Pond1,000

Week of March 25-29

Ladd (Peach) Pond1,075

Southeast Zone

This zone includes areas around Klamath Falls, Burns and Baker City.

Week of March 18-22

Priday Reservoir200*
*These are trophy-sized trout.

Week of March 25-29

North Powder Pond-12,750
Haines Pond-1900

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