14 Best Walleye Fishing Lakes in Kansas

Walleye have taken a liking to reservoirs across Kansas. Anglers can take full advantage of excellent walleye fishing in the Sunflower State by trying any of these top spots.

Perry Lake Fishing: Complete Angler’s Guide

Perry Lake is a great spot to go fishing in Kansas. It’s close and offers excellent angling for bass, crappie, catfish and much more. This article will guide you to better catches.

Milford Lake Fishing: Complete Angler’s Guide

Milford Lake is the largest reservoir in Kansas and also one of the state’s best fishing spots. We tell you how and where to catch bass, crappie, walleye, catfish and plenty more.

15 Best Crappie Fishing Lakes in Kansas

Kansas has no shortage of crappie fishing, especially in the reservoirs across the eastern half of the state. There’s also a few good spots farther west. We show you all the best lakes.

Kansas Game Fish Records

This easy to read table lists the official game fish records in Kansas. There’s also details on how to claim a new state record.