Whiskeytown Lake Fishing (Complete Angling Guide)

Whiskeytown Lake is one of the very best kokanee salmon fishing lakes in California and also offers reliably good angling for trout, bass and other game fish.

Shaver Lake Fishing: Catch Lots of Kokanee & Trout

Shaver Lake is among the best kokanee fishing spots in California and has very good trout fishing and solid smallmouth bass numbers. Here’s your starter’s guide to catch fish here.

21 Best Fishing Spots Near San Diego

San Diego County has millions of people, but it’s also surprisingly rich in fishing spots, from great bass, catfish and trout angling lakes to incredible ocean fisheries.

Donner Lake Fishing: Big Trout & Kokanee

Donner Lake might be best known for that other party, but you’ll find some of California’s biggest lake trout along with party-worthy catches of kokanee, rainbows and browns.

Crowley Lake Fishing: Complete Angler’s Guide

Crowley Lake isn’t close by, but it’s worth the drive as one of America’s best trout lakes. Use our guide to catch trophy rainbows, browns and cutthroats (even Sacramento perch).