Fishing Near Yakima

Yakima County has excellent trout fishing in its mountain and valley lakes and streams, plus good opportunities for kokanee, bass and panfish.

Fishing at Lake Erie, Washington

Lake Erie, at least this one in near Anacortes in Washington, offers excellent spring fishing for rainbow trout, plus bass and perch. We reveal how and when to catch fish here.

Lake McMurray Fishing

Lake McMurray near Arlington is very nicely stocked with rainbow trout and also offers pretty good fishing for bass and panfish. We give you details to catch more fish here.

Fishing at Deer Lake on Whidbey Island

Deer Lake on Whidbey Island offers excellent fishing for both rainbow and cutthroat trout, plus some nice-sized largemouth bass. Learn more about fishing this lake near Clinton.

Fishing at Cranberry Lake on Whidbey Island

Cranberry Lake in Deception Pass State Park, on Whidbey Island, offers year-round fishing for both brown and rainbow trout as well as largemouth bass and yellow perch.