7 Best Yellow Perch Fishing Lakes in Utah

Yellow perch aren’t the biggest or most sought after game fish in Utah, but at our top choices these panfish are plentiful and oh so tasty. Ice fishing also is very popular for perch.

Top 5 Walleye Fishing Lakes in Utah 

Want to catch some of the Midwest’s best fish without going to the Midwest? Utah has a handful of very good walleye fishing lakes. This article will help you catch them.

7 Best Wiper Fishing Lakes in Utah

Utah has gone all-in with wipers. These hybrid striped-white bass are excellent game fish and maybe even better to eat. Here are the best places to catch them in the state.

9 Excellent Bluegill Fishing Lakes in Utah

Bluegill are easy biters and scrappy fighters that are willing to play on almost any warm day. These are the best bluegill fishing lakes in Utah.

9 Best Catfish Fishing Lakes & Rivers in Utah 

Head downhill from those famous trout streams and cold lakes and you’ll find some very good catfish fishing in Utah. These are the best places to catch channel cats.