Pardee Lake Fishing: Big Trout, Kokanee & Bass 

Pardee Lake has it all. Trout and kokanee fishing are great, bass fishing is a worthy challenge, and big catfish are a welcome surprise. Start your catching right here.

Van Duzen River: Steelhead Fishing Hideaway 

The Van Duzen River has some other fish, but the reason you’ll want to drive this far are winter steelhead. Here’s where and how to catch them.

Mattole River Fishing: Legendary Steelheading

The Mattole River may be out of the way, but if you want to catch a big steelhead away from the crowds, this river should be on your radar. We show you when, where and how.

Fishing the Russian River [Complete Angler’s Guide]

The Russian River can be quite good for winter steelhead and is one of the better shad and smallmouth bass rivers around. You might also catch catfish, trout, stripers and sturgeon.