Fishing at Junction City Pond, Oregon

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This 8-acre pond just south of Junction City is a very good destination for stocked rainbow trout during the winter and spring seasons. Trout range from legal to larger fish, sometimes even batches of brood trout and winter steelhead that can tip the scales at over 10 pounds. Warmwater fishing is a smaller draw. It’s a very accessible place to fish for kids and people with disabilities.


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife plants plenty of hatchery reared rainbows here, often putting fresh fish here every few weeks during the cooler season, from November clear into May. We recommend anglers check the stocking schedule and weekly recreation report links below to get updates.

ODFW has frequently planted good numbers of “trophy” rainbows – these are quite a bit larger and full of fight.

Also keep an eye on ODFW’s weekly recreation report for special plantings that may include small batches of extra-large brood trout or excess winter steelhead not needed for hatchery propagation. Either of the latter can reach 10 pounds or more.

By the time the heat of summer arrives, the most likely catches will be the resident population of largemouth bass, crappie and bullhead catfish.


This pond is very easy to reach. It’s right along the west side of Highway 99 just a couple miles south of Junction City and a little more than three miles south of the junction of Highways 99W and 99E.

From Eugene, take Highway 99 northbound, about a dozen miles northwest of downtown and a very short drive from West Eugene. From the north, it’s roughly a half hour to 45 minutes south of Corvallis and Albany via Highways 99W or 99E. There is ample parking in a lot on the north side of the pond.

Good trails ring the pond. There’s a fishing pier providing excellent access for disabled anglers; it’s next to the parking area.


Open year-round with typical regulations for trout: You may keep five per day, at least 8 inches in length. It’s important to note with the really big fish occasionally stocked here that you may keep just one trout over 20 inches long per day; this rule would apply both to stocked hatchery trout and to steelhead in this pond. Typical warmwater limits also apply: Five bass per day with no more than three over 15 inches, and no limits on other warmwater species typically found in the pond.

If you are a fairly new trout angler, or need some reminders, this article is a starting point: Trout Fishing: Basic How-To Techniques and Tips.

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