Complete Fishing Guide to Alamo Lake

Alamo Lake isn’t always mentioned in the same breath as giants like Lake Havasu or Roosevelt Lake, but this stunning desert oasis has great fishing for bass, crappie and catfish.

Roosevelt Lake Fishing: Catch Bass & Lots More

Roosevelt Lake is a massive reservoir with fishing opportunities to match. It’s one of the best places in Arizona to catch bass, catfish and crappie. We’ll get you off to a great start.

6 Best Walleye Fishing Lakes in Arizona

Like so many in Arizona, walleye are transplants but have found a liking to several reservoirs. We reveal the best walleye fishing lakes and the essential info you need to catch them.

Top 5 Best Striped Bass Fishing Lakes in Arizona

Arizona doesn’t have tons of striped bass fisheries, but these reservoirs are simply excellent. This guide will help you catch stripers in big numbers … and maybe huge sizes.

Arizona Game Fish Records

These are the record game fish caught in the state of Arizona. Records include both inland and Colorado River catches as well as harvested fish and catch and release.