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Check Out The Best Fishing in Every County by Eric Apalategui

A lot of behind-the-scenes work is finally paying off with a brand new series of articles that lets you quickly pinpoint the best fishing spots in any of Oregon’s 36 counties.

There are actually 37 of these articles. Lane County has so many great fishing spots plus the added complication of being divided nearly in half into two very distinct fishing zones. When you click Lane County on the map, you go to the larger section that includes the Willamette Valley around Eugene clear up into the Cascades of the upper Willamette and McKenzie rivers. Look for links near the top of that page to hop over to the rich fishing waters in the coastal area around Florence.

To explore any county in Oregon, start with the full map here.

Other new additions to the website include a couple of articles designed for resident explorers and visiting tourists alike.

There’s our take on Travel Oregon’s “Seven Wonders of Oregon,” where you’ll find the very best places to fish near the state’s top scenic spots. That’s right here.

One of those wonders is Crater Lake. If your plans to visit America’s deepest lake include packing your fishing gear, help make plans with this article.

We’ve added some other bits of good fishing information as well in recent months, but much of that is also linked to the new county articles, so we’ll just let you explore and follow your own interests.

“Fishing in Oregon” guidebook is fully updated for Father’s Day by Eric Apalategui

The long wait is over: My friend Maddy Sheehan’s “Fishing in Oregon” is finally out. This brand new eleventh edition has been widely updated and expanded, now covering more than 1,300 lakes, rivers, bays and other fishy bodies of water. There are a ton of great maps that are alone worth the $29.95 cover price. I’ve always found this book to be an Oregon angler’s best friend, especially if you like to try out new fishing spots now and then.Just in time for Father’s Day, the book is making its way to various stores as early as this week. I understand Fisherman’s Marine will be the first regular store to have it because they’re sending their own truck to Maddy’s place today.Or, the easiest way to get it might be to have Maddy mail it to you herself. That’s how my copy is coming! Order it online through her website, .

For more information, you can find Maddy’s press releases announcing the publication of her 11th edition here.