Kalama River Fishing: Catch Salmon & Steelhead

The Kalama River in Southwest Washington isn’t big, but fishing can be quite impressive when salmon and steelhead runs are strong. Here are the best seasons and fishing holes.

Fishing the Green River (Duwamish)

The Green River (Duwamish) can be excellent for coho, chum and pink salmon fishing (with some Chinook). Steelhead and resident trout round out the catches.

Complete Guide to Sacramento River Fishing

The Sacramento River is California’s biggest and most important river system and a fantastic destination for all kinds of fishing. We give you the crucial information to catch them.

Mad River Fishing: Catch Big Steelhead & Salmon

The steelhead fishing in Northern California’s Mad River has made a big comeback. There also are Chinook salmon and rainbow trout to catch. We show you when, where and how.