Fishing at Diamond Lake North of Spokane: Catch Lots of Trout

Diamond Lake north of Spokane offers high catch rates for rainbow trout, some good-sized brown trout and bass and panfish. Read this article to increase your catches.

Fishing at Sacheen Lake: Catch Three Kinds of Trout

Sacheen Lake in Northeastern Washington has a variety of trout to catch, including some large tiger trout. The lake is an hour from Spokane.

Lake Sammamish: Complete Fishing Guide for All Species

Lake Sammamish is a great place near home to go fishing for bass, trout, salmon and yellow perch. We show you how to catch them in this complete fishing guide to the lake.

Fishing at Silver Lake in Pierce County

Silver Lake in Pierce County is a modest-sized lake with large numbers of stocked rainbow trout in the spring and good fishing for bass and panfish.

Rapjohn Lake Fishing

Rapjohn Lake is one of the nicely stocked trout lakes in the Eatonville area of southern Pierce County. Rainbow trout are the big draw in the spring, but bass and panfish will bite all summer.