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Win some Wicked Lures!

by Eric Apalategui on 06/07/12

Local fishing guide Bill Green (North Oregon Guide Service) recently put me on to some spinners he says live up to their name: Wicked Lures.

Bill recently used them in different sizes to nail a Columbia River summer steelhead and to get a bunch of kids into a boatload of trout at North Fork Reservoir. He'll try them on summer chinook soon.

So then I had a conversation with Wicked Lures owner James Beasley. His Washington company's lures are U.S.-made and are designed in a handful of favorite sizes and colors that James has found through years of trial that best catch salmon, steelhead and trout. These lures also have proved effective on other species, including kokanee, walleye, even an alligator gar!

That's his logo and a picture of a Wicked Lures catch on the right side of this website's home page.

James wants to get more Wicked Lures into tackle boxes and on the ends of more avid anglers' lines, so he readily agreed to give a six-pack of his lures away to one of Best Fishing in America's site users to help spread the word. He'll also throw in a Wicked Lures logo shirt and hat.

But I want to make you work for them. Well, just a little bit. Here's what you do:

1.  1. Go to the Wicked Lures website and check out the lures.

2.    2. Send me a short email ( that contains the following information (Make it informative, maybe even fun, but don't worry about pretty ... I can clean up spelling and grammar):

3.     Where would you most like to try out a Wicked Lure? What would you be trying to catch? How would you fish the lure? (You can cast, troll or even drift them.) When would you plan your trip? Which Wicked Lure size and color do you think would get the job done? Why?

3. 3. You have a week from today to get these to me. (Your email needs to be in my inbox with a date of Thursday, June 14, 2012, or anytime before that day.)

The most likely winner will answer those questions and will share with other readers a bit about a potentially good fishing spot to use these lures. Your responses quite likely will be published in my blog, so don't enter if you can't stomach the fame.

Sometime soon after a week is up, James and I will pick a favorite answer and he'll mail the lures to the person who wrote it. (We don't need your mailing address unless you win.) We might even let this site's users help us decide, if we're having a "one big happy family" kind of moment.

Bonus lures: James says he'll throw in another two lures that best fit your favorite fishing trips if he finds your name on his Wicked Lures Facebook page before we announce the winner.

So get those emails coming! (Please write Wicked Lures in your subject line so I'm sure to spot it. Thanks.)


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