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Another Winner Will Be Drawn Later Tonight. Are You In?

by Eric Apalategui on 09/19/11

The final winner of a Deschutes River Magic Stick will be drawn later tonight.

I've had some folks wondering whether they are in on the free drawings. Sorry for any confusion.

You are if you've sent me an email at asking to get in, and I've gotten back to you to say you have one or more tickets in the drawing. Tickets awarded previously will remain in the drawing bucket for any future prizes, at least until further notice.

I'll give you a ticket for following on Facebook, and another for subscribing to the Google Feedburner list (that's the sign-up form on the home page that gets you these blog news updates). But I don't add you automatically for doing those things. You must also send me that email; otherwise, I let you use the site anonymously. Let me know what you've signed up for so I can credit you with enough tickets.

I also award tickets when you email recent fishing reports and/or photos that I can share with fellow website users (or on Facebook). I could really use more of these. Send reports and pics to the same email address, This way of getting tickets is open-ended. So far, the winners I've drawn have had a bunch of tickets in the bucket (and therefore better odds of winning) because they've shared a lot of stuff.

And then just keep track of things on Facebook and this blog, and check the Prize Box (now marked "Prize Box"!) on the home page.

Thanks for playing.


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