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Your guide to sport fishing is expanding beyond Oregon. For now, check out our Best Fishing in Oregon section.

Oregon's Best Fishing Map

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Best Fishing in America

Crooked River Fishing

The Crooked River in Central Oregon is a fly fishing paradise, offering one of the most productive stream stretches for catching trout year-round.

Deschutes River Fishing

Oregon’s famous Deschutes River offers world-renowned fly fishing for feisty redside rainbow trout and hard-fighting summer steelhead, as well as good opportunities for huge Chinook salmon and large brown and brook trout.

Umpqua River Fishing

The Umpqua River offers one of Oregon’s most varied fisheries, from robust salmon and steelhead runs, to countless smallmouth bass and shad, to monster sturgeon and striped bass.

Columbia River Fishing

The Columbia River is the West’s biggest river … and it’s also full of fishing opportunities ranging from salmon to sturgeon to walleye to bass. Learn about the fishing options here and follow your interests to more specific information.

Fishing the Santiam River system

The Santiam River, and especially its North and South forks, offer excellent spring and summer fishing for salmon, steelhead and trout in the Willamette Valley and Cascade Mountains.