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Klaskanine River Fishing

The small Klaskanine River near Astoria has reliably good winter steelhead as well as fishable runs of spring and fall Chinook and fall coho salmon.

Fishing at Green Peter Reservoir

Green Peter Reservoir has some awesome fishing for kokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon) as well as good angling for rainbow trout and smallmouth bass … and an occasional landlocked Chinook salmon.

Foster Reservoir Fishing

Foster Reservoir is a year-round destination most popularly fished for large numbers of hatchery rainbow trout stocked here, but also for its good numbers of other fish including smallmouth bass and yellow perch.

Carmen Reservoir Fishing

Carmen Reservoir located in the upper McKenzie River drainage is small but can be packed with hatchery rainbow trout during the spring and early summer.

Fishing at Clear Lake on the Upper McKenzie River

Clear Lake at the headwaters of the McKenzie River is a mountain gem regularly stocked with good numbers of hatchery rainbow trout and where you can keep all the invasive brook trout you want.