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Fishing at Willow Lake

Willow Lake in the Southern Oregon Cascades offers seasonally excellent fishing for hatchery rainbow trout and at times produces well for resident bass, crappie and other species.

Fishing at Expo Ponds

Expo Ponds in Central Point (near Medford) offer seasonally excellent fishing for stocked rainbow trout as well as opportunities to catch bass, crappie and other fish.

Fishing at Medco Pond

Medco Pond offers seasonal fishing for stocked rainbow trout (spring and occasionally fall) as well as opportunities for largemouth bass and panfish.

Fishing at Loon Lake

Loon Lake has seasonally good fishing for stocked rainbow trout and at times is fair to excellent for largemouth bass, crappie and other warmwater fish.

Fishing at Toketee Lake and Clearwater Forebay 2

Toketee Lake has a well-established population of German brown trout while nearby Clearwater Forebay No. 2 gets occasional plantings of hatchery rainbow trout.