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New website helps people with disabilities go fishing

by Eric Apalategui on 07/14/13

Springfield, Oregon, resident Craig Brown recently started He hopes this website (soon to be a nonprofit organization) will become a major resource that will give people with disabilities all the information and other assistance they would need to enjoy time fishing that many people take for granted. We here at Best Fishing in America also are touched by this issue, and we are happy to help Craig spread the word a bit in hopes that his great idea will find the wings it needs to soar. We've invited him to share a little bit about why he launched this project, what he hopes to accomplish and how the rest of us might lend a hand.

What is Disabled Fishing Oregon's mission?
To take disabled people fishing at no cost to them, giving them hope that there really are things in life we can do that are fun. Examples of possible trips will include ocean charters and picnics. I want people to know that anyone with a disability, as long as they can blow into a tube or move their neck, can probably fish. There is adaptive equipment for almost everyone. You can find videos and pictures of this on my website.
Why did you start this organization?
I started this organization because of my own personal disability. I am in end stage renal failure -- terminally ill. Now, when I go to my dialysis treatments, I talk with fellow patients about life's realities and the subject of fishing arises. People's eyes light up with hope, then dim a little: So many licenses, obstacles and so much money. How does a disabled person on such a fixed income get their hope back and maybe go fishing? I researched and researched, spending literally hundreds of hours finding so many dead-ends, and so little information. Now, here I am with a good website, in the process of forming a 501c3 nonprofit organization. People tell me how amazing this is -- just to go fishing! Wow. My hope is that, before I pass, I can make a difference and help people understand they can live through fishing. Let's not sit around and wallow in our sorrow, let's form friends and a community in which we can fish and give hope to each other.
What are some major goals you hope to accomplish in the coming year or two?
We want to be able to provide opportunities for everyone to fish, no matter what their disability is. We want to be a one-stop shop for all of the needs of the disabled to fish: Locations, information, licensure, equipment and anything else needed. We hope to also provide new ways to fish with no cost to the disabled when possible through donations and grants.
What kind of help could you use from fellow anglers?
Fellow anglers can really help. We need volunteers for everything. One hour per month, 10 hours per week. Bookkeeping, fishing partners, everything. We also need non-disabled people to partner with disabled people to take them fishing. Our picnics will need help to set up, help to run the event and help to run the fishing stations. We also need help contacting businesses for donations. Anything and everything is a positive step.
For more information and to contact Craig Brown, go to

"Fishing in Oregon" guidebook is fully updated for Father's Day

by Eric Apalategui on 06/05/13

The long wait is over: My friend Maddy Sheehan's "Fishing in Oregon" is finally out. This brand new eleventh edition has been widely updated and expanded, now covering more than 1,300 lakes, rivers, bays and other fishy bodies of water. There are a ton of great maps that are alone worth the $29.95 cover price. I've always found this book to be an Oregon angler's best friend, especially if you like to try out new fishing spots now and then.

Just in time for Father's Day, the book is making its way to various stores as early as this week. I understand Fisherman's Marine will be the first regular store to have it because they're sending their own truck to Maddy's place today.

Or, the easiest way to get it might be to have Maddy mail it to you herself. That's how my copy is coming! Order it online through her website,

For more information, you can find Maddy's press releases announcing the publication of her 11th edition here.

Write About Fishing, Net a Few Bucks

by Eric Apalategui on 02/04/13

No need to be Hemingway, but....

I'm hoping to boost the content of this website by finding some regular contributors to write simple articles about fishing and related topics.

In most cases there is little or no pay upfront, but I can set it up so that you can earn commission revenue from sales made through Amazon ads I can place on the pages with your articles. It's possible other opportunities for special assignments or free stuff may come along, particularly for contributors who do a great job.

Writers can keep their share of commissions for themselves, or if you'd rather, perhaps we can find a nonprofit club that helps anglers to receive that kind of income. More about that here.

Types of articles I am interested in would include:

  • Your favorite waters, with a little info on how and when to fish them.
  • Your favorite fishing techniques, lure, fly, etc., with a bit on how you do it successfully.
  • Your favorite recipe that either uses fish and shellfish that readers can catch, or is a particularly good recipe for camping or a day on the water.
  • Interview with a particularly skilled angler. The interview can be conducted (in conversation or by email) by a relatively novice angler, as long as the info comes from a good source.
  • Great tips you learned from a seminar, such as those presented at sportsmen's shows, sporting goods stores or fishing club meetings.
  • Reviews -- lures, rods, reels, angling books and videos, etc. 

You don't have to be a professional-level writer. I'll do a final edit of everything before it goes online. I'm more interested in getting good information for the website.

I do prefer to have at least one good photo related to each subject, whenever possible. Links to videos are an option.

If interested, don't start writing before you shoot me an email at and let me know what fishing-related topic(s) you know well. If it sounds good, I'll work with you to focus your topic and get it done.


Bass Fishing Basics

by Eric Apalategui on 10/23/12

Bass fishing sometimes gets overlooked in a state so full of trout, salmon and steelhead.

But bass fishing is easy, relatively inexpensive, close to home and, frankly, it's a hoot. Oregon is blessed with some world-class smallmouth bass fishing and also has some really nice spots for largemouth bass.

The Oregon Bass & Panfish Club's Rich Tombleson has shared an article he wrote a few years back with our website. It covers everything you need to gear up for several of the most popular bass-fishing techniques that will catch both largemouth and smallmouth bass around Oregon.

I know it's October and dreary, and although fall bassing can be great, you might be thinking about salmon right about now. But this article will be on the website when you need it:

Bass Fishing Basics by Rich Tombleson

This article comes to us courtesy of a new partnership we are starting with nonprofit fishing groups who work to make our sport better by improving fish habitat, fishing access and angler education. The Oregon Bass and Panfish Club is our trial group, and we plan to add others.

We Now Share Most of Our Income with Nonprofit Fishing Groups

by Eric Apalategui on 10/04/12

The gig is up ... or in this case, maybe it's the jig!

Here at, we've been quietly working on something that will hugely improve this website as a resource for you while also improving the very thing you love: fishing itself. And you can help, WITHOUT spending a bunch of time or pledging any money to us. You don't even have to sign up for anything. Honestly, I don't even need to know your name or get your email address.

Let me explain: Starting this week, this website will begin sharing much of our site revenue with nonprofit groups devoted to improving the angling experience for all of us, whether you are a member of a fishing organization or not.

We are starting by giving those groups a full 75 percent of all commissions earned from our affiliated advertisers. This revenue comes through sales that start on our website but are made through name-brand companies, many of which pay commissions to website operators as part of their regular marketing budgets. The companies we're talking about include some of the best fishing and outdoor companies around, and also some of the biggest retailers on the planet, period.

You can find those commission-paying advertisers on our Best Deals page. All you have to do is start your regular online shopping on that page and click over to your favorite companies' websites. You will pay exactly what you'd pay anyway, but that purchase could easily generate a few more dollars that will help these nonprofits put more fish in your favorite waters or teach the kids to fish who will one day take you out of the old folks' home for a day on the lake.

Not every fishing business has an affiliate advertising program that pays commissions, so I also will share 75 percent of the advertising income from companies that negotiate directly with me for advertising space on this website.

As we launch this program, I am thrilled to tell you that the Oregon Bass & Panfish Club has agreed to be our first partner. This is a wonderful group, one that for more than 50 years has worked to increase access to great fishing spots, improve fish populations and habitats near and far, and selflessly share their fishing skills and tips with everyone, including countless youngsters at free fishing events. They've always been generous with their information for this website, and they donate their time to keep track of Oregon's warmwater fishing records. Plus, they are just so darned nice, and always have been ... my dad used to take me to their meetings more than 30 years ago.

You can find out more about OBPC on their profile page on this website. Members are in the process of developing new articles for, and other groups will do the same. I'll tell you about those new resources as they go online.

As we test out this program, I want to also form partnerships with other groups who work hard to make fishing better for everyone, first here in Oregon and soon in other states. If they are doing good things for fishermen and fisherwomen, and the fish we all pursue, I want to help them raise the money they need to do those things. There is no cost to the nonprofits.

And even if your favorite group is not yet on board, your shopping trips that start at this website will help lay the groundwork to expand this project and help more groups and fellow anglers.

If you want to know more about how this revenue-sharing works, see How This Works.

How can you help without hassle or extra expense? Simply:

  • Please bookmark our Best Deals page and start your regular online shopping by clicking on the company logos you'll find there. Honestly, the hardest thing is to remember that one quick step. The rest is a no-brainer. There are even some extra deals posted on that page, which you'll find if you scroll down and look on the right side of the page. Those deals will change regularly. (And there does happen to be a major shopping season coming up, wedged between the fall salmon run and winter steelhead season. Or so I hear.)
  • Share this program with your fishing buddies, family and others. The How This Works page has all of those handy buttons for social networking, emailing, etc., if you want to make it really easy.
  • If you represent a nonprofit fishing club whose work benefits all anglers, or you know someone who does, feel free to reach out to me. If you're helping our sport, I'd love to help you.

Questions? Email me at

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Oregon Bass & Panfish Club

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