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Your guide to sport fishing is expanding beyond Oregon. For now, check out our Best Fishing in Oregon section.

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Updated: Recreational Crabbing Open on Entire Oregon Coast

The latest recreational crabbing news for Oregon, including temporary closures and re-openings.

Best Tiger Muskie Fishing in Washington

Tiger muskies are one of Washington’s most intriguing (but elusive) game fish, and they grow very large here. These toothy giants are very hard to catch, but when one smashes your lure it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Tiger muskies are a sterile hybrid cross between a muskellunge (or true muskie) and a northern pike, […]

Free Fishing Days in Oregon

Free Fishing Weekend has expanded in Oregon and now includes select days in early June, after Thanksgiving and around New Year’s. You won’t need licenses, tags or endorsements those days but must follow other rules for fishing, crabbing and clamming.

Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing in Washington

Washington has tons of exceptional places to catch smallmouth bass. Here are some worthy of your bronzeback bucket list.

Fishing at Reinhart Park Pond

Reinhart Park Pond is a small pond in Grants Pass that is most popularly fished when planted with hatchery rainbow trout but also contains bluegill, bass and bullhead catfish.